Monday, July 6, 2009

My stitching room

Thank you girls for posting to my blog. This is new and exciting for me. You asked me to post a pic of my stitching room and i will try, but if i cant you may go to my webshots and look at jeanie b stitching room. I gutted and converted our only quest room into my little bit of heaven on earth. We never get guest anyhow so why not. My webshot name is (missjeanie102) The picture posted. This is my stitching chair and my needlework system 4 floor stand and light. but still check out my webshots to see the rest of the room, I spend most of my time in there.


  1. How nice and neat...I bet there are all sorts of interesting treasures in those drawers....
    My one and only lamp died, so I'm currently using an itty-bitty lamp and my stash is spread out in half the loungeroom behind my recliner. One day when it's all a bit more presentable, I'll take a photo...

  2. Looking great, Jeanie. Will you be posting photos of the furbabies?

  3. This is my dream. I want a stitching room bigtime. But how do you manage without a magnifier? I shall add your blog to mine. Love Patti xxx