Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Part one of Mary Wigham is finished.

Well ladies i met my goal. I finished part one yesterday at the dentist office waiting on my husband. I went to start part 2 this morning but i am still tired and kept falling asleep as i stitched. So i put it down till later this afternoon after my mid-morning nap. I didn't get allot of sleep last night as Jake kept waking me up to go out. We are trying to let Jake be out of his kennel at night, but it is not working. He keeps getting up and patrolling the house then comes in the bedroom to check on Jeff and myself. He is so big now that when he looks at you in bed his face is in your face. And getting a wet nose in the middle of the night scares the b Jeeves out of you. When he lays back down it is a loud plop. Then lets not forget the 2 am and 4 am i want to go potty crap he pulls. Tonight it is back in his kennel. He s outgrowing it but it is the biggest made so he will have to make due. Jake is a little over 8 months old and 105 lbs last time he was weighed. So now i am off for my little 3 hr nap and hope to be awake and refreshed for a afternoon of stitching, Have a wonderful day.

Jeanie B


  1. One of the reasons why our kelpie X doesn't have the run of the house at night is the thought that he'd join us (and the cat) ON the bed. It's often tag-team wrestling between the dog and cat and I know just who would be the only one who would wake up to hear the distruction! Good luck!

  2. I hear you,,, Minnie Mae and Jake will both be in kennels tonight. I think i need more rest. my little 3 hr nap turned into a 8 hr nap, i was shocked whne i work up and it said it was 2:30. I wasted my whole day. But yet i am read fo bed and ont think i will have any problem sleeping again. I hope i am not comming down with anything, I have never slept this much and still be so tired.

  3. Our Jack sleeps in the laundry. If he had the run of the house, or slept outside in his kennel, he'd be barking all night at imaginary cats!

    When are we going to see a pic of your Mary Wigham?

  4. Missing you and your beautiful stitching