Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Part one of Mary Wigham is finished.

Well ladies i met my goal. I finished part one yesterday at the dentist office waiting on my husband. I went to start part 2 this morning but i am still tired and kept falling asleep as i stitched. So i put it down till later this afternoon after my mid-morning nap. I didn't get allot of sleep last night as Jake kept waking me up to go out. We are trying to let Jake be out of his kennel at night, but it is not working. He keeps getting up and patrolling the house then comes in the bedroom to check on Jeff and myself. He is so big now that when he looks at you in bed his face is in your face. And getting a wet nose in the middle of the night scares the b Jeeves out of you. When he lays back down it is a loud plop. Then lets not forget the 2 am and 4 am i want to go potty crap he pulls. Tonight it is back in his kennel. He s outgrowing it but it is the biggest made so he will have to make due. Jake is a little over 8 months old and 105 lbs last time he was weighed. So now i am off for my little 3 hr nap and hope to be awake and refreshed for a afternoon of stitching, Have a wonderful day.

Jeanie B

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moving right along wth Mary

It is 5:15 am Sunday morning I have been up for hours gettin in just a few more stitches. So i though i would do a update on my Mary and post a wip picture.I am moving right along on my Mary Wigham. I hope to finish off part one by monday or tuesday. I dont know if i mentioned but i changed my fabric from white belfast to a 28 ct r&r antique cotton. It is just perfect for this project. I also now have a stitching partner close by and we are stitching this together. She is a designer, her name is Gaberiel, and her designs are Treasured Samplers. Gaberiel and i met in the er, i was the patient and she was the worker. We have become very good friends and enjoy stitching together when ever we can. Infact it was she who alerted me to this sal. Well here is a update Pic on my Mary. I must say i am really enjoyig this design ad loving the color choices.

Be Blessed

Jeanie B

Monday, July 6, 2009

My stitching room

Thank you girls for posting to my blog. This is new and exciting for me. You asked me to post a pic of my stitching room and i will try, but if i cant you may go to my webshots and look at jeanie b stitching room. I gutted and converted our only quest room into my little bit of heaven on earth. We never get guest anyhow so why not. My webshot name is (missjeanie102) The picture posted. This is my stitching chair and my needlework system 4 floor stand and light. but still check out my webshots to see the rest of the room, I spend most of my time in there.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5th Starting Mary Wigham SAL

Well i am ready to start, i have my floss and fabric and my pattern printed and ready to start. I am so excited to do this sal, I was amazed at how world wide this is. I have never even heard of some of the countries that are included in this sal ( stitch a long). It just boggles my mind to see one pattern stitched in so many color varetions. I plan to use a combo of dmc and the overdyed floss, i can pick and choose as i stitch. I am going to attempt to post a picture of the original Mary Wigham, so wish me luck. I just put in a Harrison Ford movie, Clear and Present Danger and have my stitching on front of me in my stitching room . I will be starting in just a few mins, I think this a going to be beautiful sampler.

Have a Great Day,

Jeanie B
Today is July 5th 2009. I am going to make an attempt to start a stitching and family blog. I am not the best in journaling and at times my spelling is somewhat to be desired. But this is my little spot in the world to do as i want and share what is important to me with all my friends. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions to help me on my way to a beautiful blog. My next step is to learn to post pictures and articles of intrest and to talk some major cross stitch.

God Bless and Have a Beautiful Day
Jeanie B